Full disclosure - our mouths started watering as soon as we started to type out this summertime favourite. We're also sitting on a patio listening to Stevie Wonder. Life is good. So is this recipe.


Serves 4 as an appetizer

2 whole and cleaned squid (whole with heads and tentacles)

  • quality extra virgin olive oil
  • crushed sea salt
  • fresh lemon juice
  • Spread to taste
  • optional:  fresh parsley, capers, arugula


Squeeze the juice from one or two lemons, mix in a shallow bowl with The Spread and set aside.

Fire up your BBQ to 450F. While waiting for it to heat up, rub some olive oil over the squid and sprinkle with crushed sea salt. 

Turn heat down to medium and put the squid on the grill. Cook until firm, turning a few times to get nice dark char marks. Overcooking will make squid tough, so only cook until just firm.

Remove from the BBQ, cut off the head and tentacles and cut segments width wise down the length of the body.

Toss all pieces into the Spread and lemon juice and mix together until coated.

Serve as is, or plate on a bed of arugula and capers for even more color.

We love this dish with a nice crisp white or a cold Pilsner.