The Spread is a blend of Mexican and South Asian flavours that combines the sweet heat of chili peppers with the rich nuttiness of toasted sesame seeds.

We use two types of chili peppers - Guajillo and árbol. Guajillos (gwa-HEE-yos) are big, beautiful and meaty with a mild sweetness. Árbols (arrrgh-bulls) are small but mighty and pack the heat!

Pro Tip: Did you know that guajillo and arbol peppers are a rich source of Vitamin A, fibre, calcium and iron?

We source our fresh peppers from small family owned farms in Mexico and air dry them here in Toronto before blending into a fine powder.

Our sesame seeds come from the Indian sub-continent. We lightly toast them in sesame oil, unlocking their flavor and adding crunch.

We add sesame and canola oils to the mix, and then finish it off with vinegar and salt to help naturally preserve all the amazing flavours.