“As a connoisseur of condiments I was blown away by the fabulous flavour and grainy texture of The Spread. It seriously wakes up burgers, sandwiches and marinades in a way that ketchup, mustard and hot sauces can’t!”
Claire Kilgour Hervey, Founder, Darling & Ninth
“Eggs haven’t been fully understood or appreciated by your mouth until they’re coupled with The Spread.”
- Kate Salter, Author Grain of Salter and Founder, GoodFood Help
“P.C Naan Round, Hummus, a slice of sharp white cheddar, and a generous dollop of The Spread. Dynamite!”
-Chris Potter, Toronto
"Just want to say, I bought a small jar of your spread from Taste in Toronto. HOLY CRAP. It's honestly the best thing I've ever had. I just ate it over melba toast with some cheese on the side. My boyfriend dipped some in some multi grain chips. I am honestly in AWE. This is incredible. Honestly like wow... just keep doing what you're doing!"
-Lauren Dziepak, Toronto